Deposit Scheme

The Bank takes permission from the depositor to use the deposit according to Islamic Shariah but guarantees that the amount deposited would be available to depositors whenever s/he demands.

Mudaraba Monthly Profit Scheme (MMPS)

Mudaraba Monthly Profit Scheme (MMPS) is a special type of deposit account where client can avail monthly profit which will be transferred to MSD (Mudaraba Savings Deposit)/ AWCD (Al-Wadiah Current Deposit)/ MSND (Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit) Account.

Mudaraba Double Benefit Deposit Scheme (MDBDS)

Mudaraba Double Benefit Deposit Scheme (MDBDS) is a special type of fixed deposit account where initial deposited will be double after a certain period of time.

Millionaire Deposit Scheme (Lacpoti)

Millionaire Deposit Scheme (Lacpoti) is a monthly deposit scheme where client can be Millionaire after a certain period.

Mudaraba Crorepoty Deposit Scheme

Mudaraba Crorepoty Deposit Scheme is an exclusive deposit scheme where the client will get BDT 1 crore on maturity.

Mudaraba Monthly Deposit Scheme (MMDS)

Mudaraba Monthly Deposit Scheme is a special type of fixed deposit account which provides the client with monthly profit.

Mudaraba Pension Scheme (Obolombon)

Mudaraba Pension Scheme is a special type of deposit scheme which fulfills the purpose of building a capital sum to provide retirement benefits.

Mudaraba Marriage Deposit Scheme (Sohozatri)

Mudaraba Marriage Deposit Scheme offers an opportunity to build up clients’ cherished fund by monthly deposit of small amount at their affordable capacity.

Mudaraba Hajj Deposit Scheme

Mudaraba Hajj Deposit Scheme can be opened in the name of the individual only.

Mudaraba Barakah Deposit Scheme

The initial deposited amount will be double after depositing 03 years’ monthly installments.

Mudaraba Muhor Saving Scheme

Muslims from all segments in the society, especially professionals, businessmen, and expatriate Bangladeshis can open the Mohor account under this scheme.

Mudaraba Privileged Deposit Scheme

Mudaraba Privileged Deposit Scheme is a lucrative deposit scheme where client will get attractive maturity value after time end.

Mudaraba Probashi Sanchaya Prokalpa

Mudaraba Probashi Sanchaya Prokalpa is a special deposit scheme where a non-resident client will enjoy attractive profit rate along with maximum benefits.

Mudaraba Gift Cheque

Mudaraba Gift Cheque is a unique way to give special gifts on special days.