Reasons to Deposit with us

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Al Wadiah Current Deposit (AWCD)

Al Wadiah Current Deposit is a deposit product operated according to Islamic Shariah where the depositor will deposit money in the Bank in the form of "Amanat" and thus expects no profit or loss.

Mudaraba Monthly Payable SND account (Fayida)

Maximize your profit quickly and easily with Mudaraba Monthly Payable SND account (Fayida). This account allows you to save and earn daily profits, all without having to worry about calculating the gains yourself.

Mudaraba Savings Deposit (MSD)

Mudaraba Savings Account (MSD) is opened under the Mudaraba principal of Islami Shariah, where the clients are the Shaheb-Al Mal (owner) and the Bank is Mudarib.

Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit Accounts (Msnd)

Mudaraba Short Notice Deposit (MSND) is one kind of deposit account where depositor under MSND shall get the specific share of minimum 65% of the distributable Investment income.

Mudaraba School Banking Savings Account

Any school going student within the age bracket of 6 to 17 (below 18) years can open Mudaraba School Banking Savings Account operated by his/her parents/guardians.

Mudaraba No Frill Savings Account

A no-frills account is a bank account that can be opened and maintained with a zero balance, levies zero or nominal charges and does away with the unnecessary services or frills. The downside of such an account is that most of the facilities offered are limited.

Mudaraba Privileged Savings Account

Initial deposit starts from Tk. 1,00,000.00

UBL Salary Account (Corporate Account)

UBL Salary Account is a special type of savings account by which salary will be distributed for any institution.

Mudaraba Gift Cheque

Everyone wants to give some special present on the special occasions. Mudaraba Gift Cheque is one of the smartest solution as special present in this regard.