Banking Strategy:

  • Diversify portfolio both the retail & wholesale markets.
  • Ensure diversification by sector, size, economic purpose & geographical location wise investment & expansion based retail & SME / Women entrepreneur financing.
  • Focus on customers by providing innovative products and service.

Management Strategy:

  • Cultivate a congenial working environment.

Strategy for Reaching Unbanked Areas:

  • Meeting investment needs of small traders, hawkers, workshop owner, educated but unemployed women etc in the urban areas.
  • Raising savings from the low earning rural people while extending effective investment to the rural areas;
  • Providing banking access to the people of the tribal and coastal areas.
  • Innovating appropriate saving instruments and investment packages for fishermen, cattle raisers, producers of milk and milk products, weavers and so on.
  • Funding for setting up of diagnostic centers and clinics in the rural areas and encouraging new entrants in construction, repair and maintenance;

Supporting investment facilities for the workers and professionals returning from abroad with newer ideas and technologies